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Happy Distractions

Posted on 28 September 2016

We all need a happy distraction, so we thought we'd spend a touch of time each month sharing some of the studio's happy distractions!

This month we are itching to see acclaimed film maker and Third Drawer Down Studio collaborator Mike Mill's latest masterpiece 20th Century Girls. Starring Greta Gerwig, Annette Bening and Elle Fanning and themed around life, love, sex and freedom this is very much the film of the season for our studio of wonder women. It's not out until December, so you'll just have to watch the trailer with us, over and over again. 

Side note; Third Drawer Down Studio collaborated with Mike Mills on a set of pillowcases titled BATTLES. Featuring the film maker/graphic artists BATTLES artwork of watercolour rainbows. Here's what they were about. "While I was growing up in California, in the 1970's rainbows were a common visual icon. In this sense the rainbow was a sentimental reminder of that time; vaguely representing positivity, beauty, nature, magic, but all reduced to a cliche. In reality, rainbows happen when light waves hit water particles in the air at just the right angle, refracting the wave into its separate colours, the colours which are always there but we do not see. In another 70's California reality, the rainbow was becoming the symbol for Gay pride. Gilbert Baker created the first rainbow flag by hand, using fabrics he dyed for the 1977 San Francisco Gay Pride parade. During this time, my father was hiding his gayness from our family, not coming out of the closest UNT 1999. When he did come out, he was not aware that the rainbow flag represented Gay Pride." 


Our second happy distraction, putting our studio toilet to shame, is the Guggenheim Museum's 18 karat-gold toilet currently making the internet rounds. We love that it's fully functional, and that it's been cleaned every 15 minutes.Designed by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, the toilet has been given the title '"America". Perfection. 

Here she is. 

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